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What is your heart searching for?

Hey There! 👋 It’s MONDAY and also a NEW YEAR! As we have just welcomed 2023, I want to talk about God having our whole heart. Around this time of year many people are searching for something more than what the year prior gave them. However, if not carefully examined what they are really trying to do is fill a VOID. Merriam Webster defines A void as 1. an empty space. So, to connect this piece for you, what most people don’t know is that their heart is searching to fill an empty space only 1 person can fill and his name is Jesus. I also believe we all have a void in our heart prior to finding and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Another definition of void according to Merriam Webster is 2. the quality or state of being without something.

Our heart is without Jesus until we accept him and allow him to come in and fill it. I know all too well because I was that girl once. I searched the things this world had to offer to fill a space that was empty on the inside of me. I chased after a good career, a good education, success, money and love but yet I STILL HAD THAT EMPTY SPACE. Some of these things were not necessarily bad things, but it was that they had my whole heart and definitely came before God.

So today I want to ask you, what is your heart searching for? Reflect on this question, pray and journal about it. You might find that what you are searching for is not what you really need but that your heart is searching for a man named Jesus. When you stop searching the things of this world and truly find him you will realize that your heart has found what it has been searching for this whole time. This, my friend, is a beautiful feeling. I look back on all the things I was pursuing instead of God and I am amazed at how I can CLEARLY see what I really was searching for was Jesus. Now that I have him and he has my whole heart ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. I love Jesus and spending time with him and honoring him is now my greatest pursuit.

If you have already accepted Jesus, I want to encourage you to remain aware of what you are seeking after. As Christians, there can still be things that we have not fully surrendered to God or things we haven't healed from and as a result we can be easily deceived.

If you have come across this blog and made it this far know that I am praying for you. It is my prayer that this year you will experience God in ways that change you forever.

Written with muchhhh loveee,

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