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Preparation AND Faith

Hey There,

IT'S OCTOBER! We have officially entered a NEW month and I want to take this time to talk about Preparation and Faith. We often have goals, desires, dreams, and wants in our mind, but are we preparing for those things? Today, I am writing to let you know that SOME THINGS REQUIRE PREPARATION. Yes, I believe in having faith for some things and I do believe that God still does miracles. However, I also believe that most of us don’t achieve these goals, wants or desires (whatever you want to call it) we have simply because we lack preparation. Let me make this practical for you with an example. If your desire or goal is to be debt free, then you have to prepare for that. Preparation can look like getting a debt payoff plan set up, taking control of your money by not spending recklessly and not getting into any more debt. Once you have prepared to the best of your ability you add your FAITH with that PREPARATION. You start praying over your plan, your finances and even keep your heart open to however God wants to move outside of your plan.

The truth is ANYTHING that is for the glory of GOD will NOT be achievable in our OWN STRENGTH!

If I’m honest I was good at having FAITH for my goals, but I never had any preparation to go with it. Having faith was easier for me because it didn’t require much effort physically or mentally. However, the practical side of achieving a goal was HARD for me. Let's be honest preparation takes time, dedication, consistency, effort and discipline. My lack of preparation was making God out to be a genie in a bottle and that he is NOT. Thankfully, God helped me change my perspective on what it means to work towards goals practically and biblically. Over time I learned that God is my father who wants to do life WITH ME. Instead of wanting God to do everything for me I had to start taking my goals to him in prayer and asking for steps I need to take. Taking your goals or wants to God is an invitation for him to come in and our job is to be open to his help however he see's fit. Inviting God into your goals or desires is important because he will give direction, show you where this desire is coming from and reveal when your heart posture is wrong.


Friend, I don’t know what goal, dream, or desire you have. It could be your finances getting better, a fitness goal, healing, or a desire for a home, but whatever it is I’m here to tell you to start PREPARING. Take time to sit before God and invite him in on the goal you have and then ask him if there is anything that you need to do practically as you have FAITH. Don’t forget to be open to HIS plan and how he wants to move!

"A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps"

Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV)

Many Blessings,

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