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Learning To Let Go

Hi Friend, If you have ever wondered why God calls us to let certain things go or if you have ever grieved something God asked you to let go then I want to bring encouragement to you today! Upon giving my life to Christ there were many things I had to let go. Some of them I didn't understand and other things I knew exactly why. However, regardless of the understanding I had or didn't have, letting go was still very hard for me. I had this perspective that if I knew why I had to let something go it would be easier, but that was far from the truth. The truth is that as human beings we struggle with letting things go. Some of you might be wondering why God would have us walk away from things, people and or places and I want to share my perspective.

I believe God has us to let go of places, people and things for many reasons because every situation is different. However, I can say that in EVERY SITUATION God is a good father and he knows why separation is needed. See, from the beginning of time God called the people of Israel to Be Holy because he was Holy. The word holy means to be SET APART! If you are set apart that means you look different in some way, shape or form. God wanted them to be set apart so that they didn’t do the things the other nations around them did. WHY? Because the other nations worshiped false gods and practiced things that displeased the Lord. The things the other nations did could influence them and pull them from serving him only. Therefore, he wanted them to be set apart for good reasons.

When you accepted him as Lord and Savior you became a NEW Creation who takes on his identity. So, sometimes the Lord will have you leave places, people and/or things behind because it WILL pull us in a direction that the Lord doesn’t want us to go. He desires for us to live a life dedicated to him and it will require us to make some changes in the form of letting go. He might be asking you to let go of a toxic friendship that was built on gossiping or a career that you are pursuing that is not his will for your life. There are many things the Lord can ask us to let go of and we have to understand that it’s for a good reason because he is a good father. He knows what is harmful to us, he knows when we have outgrown environments, he knows who is holding us back and hurting our character. He is the GOD WHO KNOWS!!!

If you are in a season of letting things go and if you have been hesitant I want you to know that I understand. Certain things were hard for me because I didn’t trust God. I wasn't seeing him as a good father who had good intentions for me. There were many things I cried over, because I didn’t understand at that moment. Now when I look back I know exactly why he asked me to let go of a certain career pursuit and people. He knew Julie’s future and friend, he knows yours! He wants what is BEST for you and the things you are holding onto could be hurting you, drawing you away from him and/or simply not his BEST for you. Trust God, he will not fail you or lead you astray.

I am praying for you always,

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