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Hey Hey! About 2 weeks ago we talked about Preparation and Faith concerning our goals. If you missed it, definitely take some time to read it. This week I want to talk about going in faith. The reason I want to cover this is because sometimes we can have faith for something TO HAPPEN and can prepare for it TO HAPPEN, but we don’t TAKE A STEP TOWARDS IT HAPPENING. I hope that makes sense but either way let me give you a clear example. For a while now I wanted to move. I kept telling God that I wanted to move, and I kept telling others around me. I had FAITH that God could help me move financially and I even started to budget my money to the best of my ability (PREPARATION). Buttttttt, I never made any steps towards actually moving. How could I move without applying anywhere? How many of us have been in situations like this?

We think we are waiting on God but really, we haven't even given him anything to work with.

Maybe you find yourself in a position where you have faith and preparation, but you lack taking a step of faith. If that’s you, I want to encourage you today to EXAMINE why you haven't made a step. Once you have figured this out, go to God with full honesty and transparency. For me, if I am honest, I had not made any steps to move for MANY REASONS that were all rooted in FEAR (Fear of failing to sustain financially, wondering if it was the right decision for my son, the list went on and on). I went to God, and I gave him the things that were in my heart and asked him for his help. I PRAYED often about God’s presence going with me as I decided to GO IN FAITH. Sooner than later, I found myself applying to a specific apartment and being approved within days. Did I have all my ducks in a row? NO! But I knew who my father was, and I was GOING IN FAITH. I had to combat fear with PRAYER AND TRUST in God.

I say all this to say that maybe it is time for you to GO IN FAITH like I did.

Your "Going in Faith" might look different than mine. Mine was a physical move, but yours can be totally different. Only you know what the Lord has been speaking to you. Friend, we don’t always need what we think we need to go forward. Honestly! I say that because I was waiting on God to increase me financially before I moved. I wanted assurance that I wasn’t going to fail. But he assured me that money didn’t bring assurance HE DOES! Today, I am so glad I decided to TAKE A STEP and GO IN FAITH. I have experienced God’s peace like never before. It actually blows my mind because I can remember how afraid I was. It is my prayer that you take ALL things concerning your life to God and to begin to TRUST him so that fear will not hinder your decisions.

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭34:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Many Blessings,

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