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Interested in Life Coaching or Want to know more? I am so glad! First, I want you to know that I genuinely care about YOU!
If you have ever felt:
  • You are lacking purpose
  • Frustrated with your current circumstance
  • Unfulfilled and not sure why 
  • And can sense that something needs to change 
I was once the woman who was frustrated with life because I had no clarity on what my purpose was. Many of my days were spent unfulfilled. What I needed was someone to come along side me and give me wisdom for the season I was in, encourage me to grow my relationship with God, help me discover my purpose and guide me to setting goals that would help me fulfill that purpose.
Now, I want to provide that for someone else by way of Life Coaching. 

If you are looking for someone
 to help you:

Understand what Purpose is

Learn how to uncover your Purpose

Set goals & create a plan to walk Purpose Out

and help you grow spiritually and/or personally 

Then this is for YOU!



Want to know more before you Book? Life Coaching is:

We will focus on the present & future rather than looking back on past events
Coaching will help you with action steps for the goals you have set in place. 
Coaching will provide one with accountability for the goals they have set in place.
Coaching will help a client walk
toward self-awareness bringing forth clarity. 
​Overall, Coaching helps develop a person and should end with the client being able to move forward in life with confidence. 

Disclaimer: I am NOT a therapist, psychotherapist, or counselor. I am a Life Coach helping you discover Purpose and all information provided is from my own experience, my personal walk with God and is based on scripture. I am unqualified to help those with mental health issues. If you are seeking therapy you can do so by searching "Therapy" and your zip code/location. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis call The National Suicide Line 1-800-273-8255 or 911. 
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